King of the tomb king 2022


Good recommendation for the story” King of tomb king episode 1 to 5 [Loe Wuzi] Summary: King Of Tomb king [Loe Wuzi] Legend has it that Luo Wuzi helped Li Si build Qin Shi’s tomb Huang and was crowned the king of the tombs. The descendants of the disciples were royalty and nobles, who had built beautiful tombs and sent people to guard them from generation to generation. For thousands of years,

the two Great Assailant Sects and Tomb Guards were extremely difficult to separate. today, the Palace deliberately put treasures inside the tomb. Tomb Guardian Sect, Mu Rong Xian, in order to show his loyalty, he smuggled in tomb guards from outside, when the news came, the world of martial arts had split apart. The stars of the Tomb Raid Sect and the Alliance Wulin, Luo Shi Qiu, Lou Man Feng, Han Qian Luo and Lin Shui Yao, the four of them vowed to destroy the Nine-Locked Chain Tomb. At this time, the huge tomb was shattered into 3 parts. And also the war The Tomb Raid Sect in the You Capital was drawing near.

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Great King of the Grave

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